Moisture can cause all kinds of issues to you home from wood rot, to foundation problems, to attracting termites to your home. Elite Pest Solutions specializes in getting rid of moisture from your crawlspace. We specialize in moisture barriers, foundation vents, drain systems, and crawlspace encapsulations. Call us to day to schedule your moisture inspection before its to late.

By being proactive and simple installing a moisture barrier in your crawlspace you could save yourself a lot of headache and money in the future. We start by removing all unnecessary debris from the crawlspace, than we install a 6 mil moisture barrier in the crawlspace as close as possible to 100%, and secure it to the ground with 5" spikes.


If there is water physically intruding into your crawlspace than your home is in desperate need of a drain system. There should never be standing water in your crawlspace. Having water in your crawlspace could lead to foundation issues, wood rot, and it could also attract termites to your home.


Sometimes a simple moisture barrier can no longer solve a moisture problem, that is when we need to take the next step and preform an encapsulation in the crawlspace. Encapsulation is when the entire crawlspace is sealed as close as possible to 100% and a dehumidifier is installed to condition the crawlspace and correct the moisture issue. 

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