Our unmatched residential and commercial pest control program takes care of anything from ants, to roaches, to rats and much more.

We start by sweeping down all reachable spiders webs around the home. Treat all the doors and windows from outside, as well as treat around the home going a couple of feet up the foundation wall and three to five feet out. On the inside we treat all entry points like doors, windows, and plumbing lines, being very careful to NEVER spray the baseboards of a home so the treatment is not exposed to pets or kids. We finish up our service by putting down a protective treatment in the attic and crawlspace as well, and if the bugs come back in between visits, well so do we at absolutely NO extra cost to the customer EVER. 


Bed bugs are a huge nuisance and can be very disruptive to your home and family. Here at Elite Pest Solutions we combine our heat treatment method with a chemical spot treatment to put a stop to these nasty biting bugs once and for all and get you back to your daily routine. If you are experiencing issues with bed bugs or think you might be, please give us a call so we can get out to your property and preform an inspection right away.


Mosquitoes can carry nasty disease and can be huge nuisance while you are trying to enjoy your back yard with family and friends. Elite Pest Solutions offers a great mosquito program that greatly reduces the mosquito population around you home and yard, and allows you to enjoy your yard again. There are many ways to donate blood, don't let mosquitoes be one of them let Elite help you today.

Fire Ant Control‚Äč

Fire ants can be a big and potentially dangers problem to your yard. Not only do they destroy your yard can be also be very dangerous to kids and pets, and in some cases can cause you to have to visit the emergency room. Call Elite today for your estimate on treating your yard and keeping it fire ant free all season long.

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